Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance. The third edition of Corporate Finance retains its clear and user friendly writing style to cover all of the latest research and topic areas most pertinent to Corporate Finance courses. This new edition sees updated discussion on current trends such as ethics and risk, as well new Real World Insight boxes which provide real life examples of corporate finance in practice. Understanding and Application Example boxes in every chapter to provide hypothetical examples to illustrate theoretical concepts. New to this edition are Real World Insight boxes which use real companies to show how they have applied corporate finance theories and concepts to their businesses and business decisions. Chapter links in the margin provide quick cross-referencing to show students the connections between topics. Targeted additional reading provides next steps for students to cement their understanding with relevant current research. Practice and Proficiency Between 30 and 40 Questions and Problems per chapter are categorised by topic and level of difficulty. Exam Questions designed to take 45 minutes and test you on material learned in a more formal exam style. Mini and Practical cases present scenarios and questions to practice applying what you have learnt.

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