Education and Technology: Key Issues and Debates

Education and Technology

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Education and Technology: Key Issues and Debates. This book introduces the key issues and takes a critical approach to explore the major debates and practices in the use of digital technologies in education. The use of digital technology lies at the heart of contemporary education provision and this book considers the key issues and debates in the field and addresses some fundamental but often unvoiced questions about the ever-growing use of digital technologies in education. Neil Selwyn focuses on the social rather than technical aspects of these issues - thinking carefully about the people, practices, processes and structures behind the use of technologies in education. The book considers the wider picture of technology and education, examining the past, present and future uses of technology across a range of educational settings around the world. Topics covered include ICT4D (ICT for Development), learning from history and the future of education and technology. This is a book that takes a critical look at some of the major debates concerning digital technologies and education. Study questions and annotated further reading are included to support readers, along with a companion website linking to online sources and resources.

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