Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Readings and Cases

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tilde Publishing

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Readings and Cases. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Readings and Cases provides an overview of the theory, practice and context of entrepreneurship and innovation at both the industry and firm level. It provides students with a foundation of ideas and understandings designed to shape their thinking and behaviour so as to appreciate the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in modern economies, and to recognise their own abilities in this regard.Each chapter begins with a list of learning outcomes and ends with an extensive chapter review. It includes 14 new cases to illustrate and apply the key principles. It includes new chapter on co-operative enterprises (Chapter 12). It uniquely unites entrepreneurship and innovation. It looks at the process of entrepreneurship from both a small and large organisational perspective. It examines the theory and practice of innovation. It gives attention to innovation diffusion theory and to the challenges of commercialisation with disruptive technologies.

Forfattere: Tim Mazzarol Utgave: 2 utg.
Språk: Engelsk Sidetall: 532
ISBN: 9780734611055 Vekt: 960 g
Forlag: Tilde Publishing Innbinding: Heftet
Utgitt: 2011 Veil. pris: 0 kr

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