International Economics: Theory and Policy

International Economics

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International Economics: Theory and Policy. Nobel Prize—winning economist Paul Krugman and renowned researcher Maurice Obstfeld set the standard for international economics courses with the text that remains the market leader in the U.S. and around the world.International Economics: Theory and Policy is a proven approach in which each half of the book leads with an intuitive introduction to theory and follows with self-contained chapters to cover key policy applications. The Eighth Edition integrates the latest research, data, and policy in hot topics such as outsourcing, economic geography, trade and environment, financial derivatives, the subprime crisis, and China’s exchange rate policies.New for the Eighth Edition, all end-of-chapter problems are integrated into MyEconLab, the online assessment and tutorial system that accompanies the text. Students get instant, targeted feedback, and instructors can encourage practice without needing to grade work by hand. For more information visit MyEconLab.

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